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Friday, January 21, 2011

.....And then there were four


So I spent some time telling you where Dan and I have been this past year, I suppose I should "re-introduce" the kids as well!

It's hard to believe that Braeden will be 11 this year and is finishing up his 5th grade year! He is such a great kid! I really could talk for hours about the goodness of his heart and the patience he shows with his sisters. Even as he enters into his "tween" years, his kindess and gentleness shine through. He is a great student, in spite of being a bit social and needing redirection to get his work done, he has been on the honor roll for 6 consecutive quarters, 5 of them being high honor roll! He is a great athlete, not only having great skills, but true love for the sports. He fills our calendar year with soccer, basketball, and baseball. He is almost as tall as I am and we are wearing the same size shoes! He is a fabulous protective big brother to his three sisters, I truly hope that they know how lucky they are--AND--that they choose great husbands that will also give "B" the brothers he always wanted.

The "Mighty" Mo is now 7 creeping up on 8. Everyday with Morgan is another gift....she is proof positive that when you think you can, you can. Her heart remains stable. The only complaint we have is that she has a moderate leak in her only valve so it doesn't pump as well as we hoped it would following the staged palliative repair. Therefore, fluid builds up around her heart and her heart rate remains elevated, and her oxygen sats remain low...meaning...she continues to live everyday in congestive heart failure. She also have struggled with some respiatory issue and after extensive testing, we found that Morgan has a lung disease similar to cystic fibrosis. In fact, she is being treated with cystic fibrosis drugs and is seen in a specialized CF clinic and is responding to them better than I expected! I am sure there will be posts on that in the future! For now this is just an update! She is a fabulous 2nd grader! She gets in gets her work done and doesn't mess around. She is very logical and seems to have really embraced the idea of "work harder and play harder." She is an animal expert and I fear that one day we will see her on an episode of "Animal Hoarders." She is also a very impressive artist, and can draw just about anything. Her belly laugh is so contagious and she laughs big and loud often!

And then there is our "Monster"....who really is anything BUT a monster. Danica is our 4 year old that is trying desperately to get us on a very good spirtual track. She has been attending a Christian pre-school and has reminded us all to pray before meals and to give thanks for everything. She played the role of a "Wise Keane" in her navity program as school. We figured it out she was one of the wisemen...who were KINGS...but she swore the role was meant for her cause she was a KEANE! She did it perfectly and delivered her gold to "Baby Genius" without a hitch. (yes, she called Him Baby Genius through most of the Christmas season)She is very witty and very wise beyond her years. She will hold you accountable and make you pee your pants with her jokes....She even have a Barbie named...Q...Barbie Q! Ahhhh I love that girl!

But now for the real introduction....Macy...also known as Macy Moo, is nearly 2 months old now and is an absolute joy! She is so very loved by "the bigs" and naturally having 2 sisters and a mom, is overly mothered. She doesn't seem to have a lot of real interests yet, however, watching the ceiling fan and on demand nursing are high at the top of her list! She came into the world a month early and at a teeny 5lbs. 4oz, but has climbed up to 8lbs in just 7 weeks time. She has reminded me to slow down and yet again, that healthy babies are true miracles in themselves!
So there you have it...I have updated you on the six of us....so now the tales can begin! I have missed sharing our family and can't wait to get into the swing again! I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I do!


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