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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy February!


Well we are a month deep into 2011. It really doesn't seem possible. I hate how quickly time passes these days! It seems like I turn around twice and the days are gone!
It was a BUSY January but a fun one too!
Braeden and Morgan were both Students of the Month in December. So in January they were honored in a luncheon. Their school chooses a character trait each month and then a student is chosen from each class that best represents that character trait. It fills my heart that in the month of December, both of my kids were chosen for the character trait of Compassion. I believe that all of my kids display this so beautifully and I couldn't be more proud!
Danica has started writing her name....everywhere. And just yesterday she told me she knew how to spell a word. So I said "Let's hear it." Her sweet little voice said "NO...N-O." It took every fiber of my being not to crack up laughing! But I did it!!!!
Dan was home last weekend and we had a great Family Wii Day. We made brackets for a Wii bowling tourney (FYI if you can fit your family into brackets for tourney play you might have a large family) and without much effort Braeden smoked right through all of us. HOWEVER, the boxing champ in the family is Danica. She is the queen of knockouts with her hands like a butterfly!
Macy is growing and growing and growing. She has several fat rolls and loves cooing at everyone that talks to her. She does not lack personality and is already quite spoiled!
February brings lots of fun things...The girls will start dance in preparation for a big spring recital and Braeden starts basketball. Lots of running but lots of fun! And so begins the next round of seasonal check-ups for Morgan. She will see her team of doctors in the coming months. At the end of this week will be 3 years since her last open heart surgery. I have a blog entry in the works for that!
Today the kids and I were able to sneak a glimpse at the "Megaloads" that are on their way to Canada through Idaho. It is amazing to see them in person. I am in awe that something so massive can travel on our twisting and turning highway. Though the controversy has been high, they managed to roll into town early this morning and will leave tonight!
Be watching for pictures SOON! I've got fast breaks, tutu's and first smiles to capture soon!


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