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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tiny Dancers


So Friday was Morgan and Danica's first dance class. They are into seperate classes but both had THE best time and can't wait til next Friday and I believe they are going to try to invite the entire to world to their recital this spring!
Morgan really enjoyed playing indoor soccer in Seattle, but since then she hasn't really had much interest in doing anything "organized" but she is SO excited to be dancing! Even though she won't boogie down with us in the living room to Just Dance!
Danica is more than thrilled since all I have heard about since around her birthday last year was being a dancing! She has been wearing tutu's over her clothes for months and doing twirls and jumps around the living room. It's just a perfect fit!
Unfortunately, I was unable to go into the studio to watch. There is a pretty strict "no parents at practice" policy. It allows the girls to focus a little more and for the instructor to maximize their attention and time. So naturally I am SOOO excited for their recital!
So here ya go...this picture is as much as I have seen of their "skills" but I can tell you that their smiles were worth their weight in gold!


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